My nails are too long,

i cut my nails.


the food is spicy,

i drink water.


the food is bland,

i add salt.


the food is salty,

i drink water.

i drink water.


the food needs flavor,

i add hot sauce.


i am hungry,

i eat.


i am sick,

i wished i wasn’t sick.


i fell and broke my leg,

i cried.

i cried.


i am full,

i don’t eat.


i’m healthy,

i forget what is like to be sick.


i can walk,

i forget what it’s like to have no legs.


i got a new toy,

i’m happy.

i’m happy.


my friend died,

i cry.


my new toy broke,

i cry.


i am fearful,

so i work harder.


i get back on top,

i forget what it’s like to be fearful.


they are coming to kill me,

i run.


i’ts been 3 months since they try to kill me,

i’ve forgotten what its like to run .


today they try to kill me,

i ran.


i work hard,

because if i don’t i feel bad.


i work hard,

and i still feel bad.




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